The Carpenters Friend - BUILD AN INTEREST
     William can visit your jail or prison and explain further with a visual presentation of the program. This can be arranged and done in any of the 50 United States.
     This picture to the right is a wall framing section being built as part of a shed to instruct students on how to build 2"x4" stud walls.
     Floor,wall and roof framing sections can be built in a shop to teach the inmates the necessary skills to work on housebuilding projects.Upon course completion, they will have the skills and tools necessary to work with a  crew to build complete houses. 
    Classroom study includes textbooks, DVD's of the various processes of Housebuilding,lecture and studying actual full size house plans which are then duplicated in the shop by various mock-up building methods and techniques using full size lumber.
      Both the setting up and implementation of the classroom and shop would be done at your location.
Furthers details can be discussed at your convenience.
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